Planning and Designing the Service

Planning & Designing the Service

In selecting the type of funeral, whether it’s traditional or a more unique and personalized reflection and celebration of one's life, we offer many options, along with personal guidance in helping you to choose the service which best reflects your family’s desires for a service to remember and a memory to cherish.

Helping you every step of the way

We are dedicated to serving you and your family for all of your funeral needs. Our staff strives to gently guide you through the decisions necessary for making your loved one’s funeral a personal tribute. We will be flexible with your requests, as we empathize with our families, understanding that each family is unique.

The Process

The Preplanning process for your service can be informal and simple by filling out our pre-planning form. Our experienced and friendly staff offer a wide range of support to help make the process easy and worry free. If you prefer more formal arrangements we can arrange a meeting with our caring and courteous staff. Whether you decide to use the pre-planning form or a formal meeting with our staff, rest assured your final wishes will be shared with the family member of your choosing assuring a smooth and worry free funeral service.

Funeral and memorial services can be pre-funded through your life insurance, bank trust and many other methods. Our funeral director is knowledgeable with all forms of pre-funding and will be able to set up a preneed contract. The preneed contract gives you comfort in knowing your final arrangements are pre-funded and your services are in a manner you’ve chosen.

Final Disposition

Placing the deceased in a permanent memorial is just as important to some families as the memorial service itself. For many, a grave or mausoleum niche is a place to visit and remember the life of their loved one. Others find a place in their home to keep the cremated remains. Choosing a place for final disposition provides your family the opportunity to visit and reflect in a permanent, identifiable location.

Type of Services

Planning the details of a funeral and coordinating the service are difficult tasks in a time of crisis. Beginning at the moment we receive notification of a person’s death, our professional staff will begin to assist your family with the many details of planning a funeral. We’ll take responsibility for the care of your loved one. A funeral director will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss your wishes, assure compliance with the law, provide assistance with floral selection and help coordinate the time and place of the funeral service.

We are continuing to keep pace with the ever-changing death care industry by providing:

  • Online Obituaries and Condolences
  • DVD Tributes
  • Picture Boards
  • Memorial Folders and Programs

Most importantly, all of our services are your services, and it is our purpose to help you with whichever disposition and type of service you wish. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have on planning, pricing, or advice.

Keep in mind...

We offer a wide selection of caskets, urns, vaults, grave markers and keepsake selections and whether you choose burial or cremation for your arrangements, our caring and knowledgeable staff will be able to accommodate your needs for a personalized and unique service.

Traditional Services

A traditional service would include the complete visitation, funeral service, and graveside service. This includes the transfer of your loved one from place of death to our funeral home, embalming, dressing and other preparation for viewing, casketing, visitation and funeral planning, obtaining necessary permits and certificates, newspaper notices, and various arrangements required in planning the funeral service of your choice.

Caskets may be made from various woods, or different gauges of metal. There are many colors, materials, interior fabrics, and price ranges from which to choose. There are also many ways to personalize a casket to reflect the interests of your loved one. Casket and vault prices are available upon request.

There are also many options when selecting a vault, which is required by cemeteries, as a receptacle for holding the casket in the grave.

A traditional service can also have cremation, instead of burial, as the final disposition. There are casket options, and we offer a "rental" unit which has a fresh, new interior after each use. Cremated remains may then be buried, or kept in a keepsake urn.


Memorial Services

Memorial services are held when cremation is the choice for disposition. There is no viewing of the body and no embalming. We take care of all arrangements pertaining to the cremation process, including obtaining the necessary permits and certificates. The cremated remains may or may not be present for the service, depending on personal preference. We use the same care and expertise in planning the Memorial Service as we do for a Traditional Service.

We offer various cremation urns, keepsake jewelry, Howard Miller memorial time pieces, beautifully crafted chests and jewelry boxes for those who wish to keep the ashes, or a portion thereof, as a keepsake.

Direct Cremation

When a family chooses to cremate without services, we refer to this as direct cremation. There is no viewing of the body and no embalming. We take care of all arrangements pertaining to the cremation process, including obtaining the necessary permits and certificates. Again, the keepsake items mentioned above are available if desired.

What do we do now?

The next steps are often difficult to plan. We know there is a lot to do, and we are available for all your needs and to help guide you along the way.



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